I am John Merida and I am your fitness instructor today
Just kidding 🙂 although I ve indeed works as a personal trainer and
instructor for many years, you and I have probably not met each other

For myself, ve started doing sports when I was 8 and discovered the
local speciality known as Kebab , a fat bread with 2/3 fat meat, 1/3
salads and a very good tasting sauce mixed into it. After a few of
these, my parents decided I was too fat (which ve been at the time
after finishing about 15 of these delicious specialities) and dropped me
into the local gym to see if I can do some sports.
Athletics, Running and Football didnt quite interest me, but when they
drove me to the next swimming pool and dropped me into the 25m
lanes, I suddenly started swimming and that s when my career as an
highly trained swim athlete started.

Although career is not the right
word here, I did this for myself not to stand upon some random board
and holding a 1. Place medal in my hands (but still I won a few dozen
of these). Anyways, after a lot of years of intense swim training I
discovered other sports for myself like Kick Boxing, Triathlons and
the local gym where I could be seen in the middle of the night
punching those heavy machines up in the air. 🙂

Now Ive personally helped dozens of others to begin their journey into
the world of fitness and thought to myself, how could I help a few
more people achieve this progress in their lives. A bit cliché, I know,
but helping others to progress is something ve already done in school
times when my neighbors copied my notes, as did I.